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Even though I haven't been having as many panic attacks lately, I had another one today.:(

It was right after TAylor told me that he hadn't yet finished his radio wrap to apply for a job that quite possibly has fallen into his lab. The job in question would allow us to stay in Phoenix after his graduation in December.

He was suppose to have it in a week ago.

I'm noticing a trend in my panic attacks. Namely, any time I have a set of assumptions (in this case, that Taylor would actually do what he was suppose to) or a hope I didn't realize I had fostered (that we'd get to stay in Phoenix.)

It's really distressing. I finally told Taylor what sent me over the edge... and now he's mad at me. I can't win. :( :( :'(

At least I managed to stop crying.

In good news:

The Provo Tabernacle that burned down last year is being rebuilt!!! Not only that, but it's being rebuilt into a TEMPLE. The collective gasp in the Conference Center when President Monson announced that was amazing. I started happy-crying right there.

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