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So, fun fact I just realized.

Caffeine = lower appetite. Stomach hurts: Yes Ability to eat food to alleviate it: no.

Also, anxiety sucks. A lot.
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Woho! Nothing like waking up at 1:30 in abject terror from a nightmare involving your classroom. Oh, and the superintendent, my principal, a missing kid and screwing up badly enough to get fired on the spot by looking for missing kid but forgetting to open the door to next door neighbor (or having it close accidently) when gone. Kids where working hard, didn't even notice I was gone. Principal and superintendent noticed though. ...
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My periods have been getting progressivly worse over the last year or so. Yesterday I realized that I had exceeded the amount of Ibuprofen allowed in a 24 hour period by taking it every 4 hours. So, instead of pushing it more I left off once I realized I'd gone over. Which left me in a LOT of pain for a long long time. When morning came around I finally took some more. Around 11 I finally was able to get out of bed.

So. Rather than cancel the appointment I had with the OBGYN 'cuz my period started, I'm going to go and ask questions. That much pain just isn't normal.

I'll make an appointment for other stuff another day.
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Four days late but it came. :(
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Hope is a strange thing. It's easy to build up and easy to dash again. But sometimes, no matter how convincing the evidence is against that hope the seed lives on.
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It's... hard when there's something you got your hopes up about a LOT... and then it doesn't happen. No... anyone's fault, just, a natural thing.

Still... heartbeat all up and then... well. It's still up, but not with excitement. :/
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The RNG smiled upon me today! CryFace Imp, Crystal Nocture, and just a three Gen nocturne. Not the prettiest of colors, I had hoped that green wouldn't come out as strong as it did. But the AH prices seem awesome so let's see if I can sell for those insane amount of gems. If I do I'll totally make back a majority of what I paid /on/ my crystal/facet genes.

Also, freaking COLD. Geeze.
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Dear Pern World- you are not being my favorite place right now.

Yesterday area staff asked me to reformat my rewritten dragon so it was the same as the rest of them. (What happened to my dragon = my page?) Yes, irritated about it, but it's a little bit of whatever. I get where they are coming from. So, to get around it, I made a new wiki, posted my rewriten inspiration for Saethiath, and then hotlinked it onto their page.


I think we all know which one is prettier.

Then today, the admins send out that anyone who has a particular IP address (which, after checking with Nick, includes me) will no longer be able to apply for a metallic dragon.

Since I can really only connect reliably through my chromebook, that blanket applies to me. Though now I'm curious to log on via my phone and see what my IP address is... Anyway. Not cool PW. Not cool.
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.... the things I'll do to keep an RP going...

Client dies. Open client on phone. Write pose in g'docs. Copy g'doc pose over into Memo pad. Replace all ' and "s with not-smart-marks. Copy into client. I'd only do this for a Ha'ze RP though.
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I know I obsess about it.

I made one of my favorite dishes tonight and it actually came out PERFECTLY (for once.)

I was able to eat... three bites. :(
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Ahahaha.... and I'm back to a size 0 pant. :/
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Took my loss well. I burned down the bazaar in the process. Passive agressive much? Yeah.

But everyone else had fun, so that is good.
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And then there are times you just start crying and can't stop. No reason really. Just tears.
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Oh WOW. I thought I was just a wimp, but this is a real thing.

I miss fresh fruits and veggies, but the itch from them is SO BAD now that I can't eat more than a few bites before it just HURTS.

I think I'm going to actually see an allergist now that I know it could develop into something worse then just an itchy mouth. Falling down in anaphylaxis is NOT on my to-do list.
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The WL vote came in. Im... weirdly more sad about not winning then I thought I would be, esp since I had been starting to remember how much Nate would miss Southern if he had to leave it.
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Ahhh, realization.

M-player bugs me because her RP is utterly /exclusive/ and not at all inclusive. People can play the plots they want with the people they want, but when it hijacks the area and makes people feel unwanted.... that isn't okay.
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[K'vvSie] Sienna: I'd always thought Sienna kept all the records for the Weyrlings, but it'd make sense that the WLM would also have /some/ of his own.
[K'vvSie] K'vvan: The way it was in my head was that all the assistants would give him their notes and he'd make up something for all of the leaders to look at. Like... just an overview file?
[K'vvSie] K'vvan: No, like, a cum file.
[K'vvSie] Sienna: Probably.
[K'vvSie] K'vvan: Cumulative? Because cum looks wrong.
[K'vvSie] Sienna: I was just thinking that. XD But I knew what you meant!
[K'vvSie] Sienna even pronounced it right.
[K'vvSie] K'vvan giggles.
[K'vvSie] K'vvan: To anyone else there would have been a lot of ..... //what// kind of file?
[K'vvSie] Sienna: Right. XD
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I've been fighting discomfort on HT for a while.

But I'm taking a stand. Yesterday Bailey paged me with "N'TAEL WEYRLEADER 2014!" And I started thinking about it. Threw it across a few other people and got a resounding YES from most of them. Only one 'no' for a legit reason, N'tael's really not old enough.

Today Zeyta popped on and I went "Hey, I put N'tael up for WL." To which she replied "HA! I was just paging you to nudge you about that!"

So. I still think F'dan is going to win.

But... I think I have a solid number of people who would vote for me... and it feels right. I'll miss Southern with N'tael like CRAZY but...

Man, think about how much fun N'tael could bring if he became WL?

But I've already decided a few things:
1. F'dan and R'xim'll stay in charge of Whirlwind.
2. Zeyta will take Arroyo... I hope. She hasn't been "active" the last few months. Maybe I could talk to her about it? Get a promise to try her hardest to get/stay active? It's just 3 scenes a month.
3. N'tael'd take lead on one of the other wings, at least till he's a little older. <-- I guess this has to go through staff first, but it makes sense.


I'm excited to throw his name in, WHATEVER HAPPENS.
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I need to be less upset that my the leader of a fictional weyr has died.