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So about a month ago one of my Harper's Tale friends paged me and said, "Hey, you live in Phoenix right?" Turned out she was coming down to the area for a week or so and was wondering if we wanted to meet up. She paged the other AZ HTer too, and Sienna was cool with it. So over the weekend we all met down in Mesa.

It was pretty awesome, very laid back. Totally got Sienna and Kyara mixed up at first, but after the awkward passed it was cool. Poor Kyara was dead tired- she picked the //one// weekend in weeks it rained in the area, and she'd been staying in a tent. Sienna and I hit it off perfectly, mostly because we had an instant hook of both being teachers and thus having solid common ground. We both kept slipping back into TeacherTalk, and catching ourselves to bring Ky back in.

Ended up with PLANS too. She's going to see if she can get Skype set up in her classroom and have her 7th graders share their books with my 4th graders.

Somewhere in the middle of all of the four hours we spent at the resturant (I think we freaked out the nice people there by sitting and then STAYING) Sienna mentioned another Pern game she's really involved in, called Pern World. I'd heard a lot about it, most of it vaguely negative. But there's nothing like an in-person prod to override a lot of what I'd heard. So I decided to break my RP fast and created a character.

My only problem now.... I have //no// clue how to get involved in a new game! I've been on Ansible for over a decade now, and I'm pretty much dead comfortable. I've been on HT for going on six years now, even though I've only really been "active" for the last 10 months, and those ten months have been dead awesome. Everything on PW is way different. It's a MUSH not a MOO, so the commands themselves are pretty strange. Like, for background, it's &info me = , rather then what I'm use to @pinfo-icbg or @notedit me.history is " . The channels are similar to Ansible, so that shouldn't be too difficult, but paging is totally going to kill me. Ansible I always use 'tell' rather then 'page', HT is page , though to emote it is page =:, and really have to use the = if I want to include a message with special characters (like an = sign!). On PW I //have// to use the = in the page, or it'll either not recognize who I'm sending it to, or it'll go You page Ezra 'ezra .'.

Anyway. None of you care about this, but it was weird to be suddenly NEW again. I think I'll tug on Sienna a bit Saturday and see if she'll give me some tips, or even help me through that really first awkward RP till I get a real handle on the character, the map, the commands and the plot arcs- she's on staff at the area I made my character anyway, and helped me fit my character into the plot arch that just ended so I don't have to play a blank slate. (That's one thing I've //loved// about HT's alts. - there seems to always be a TP I can jump right into! K'vv swung right into the reboot TP, Nathanael into the Southern Mystery arc, Renalde had a niche as a Staff NPC I picked up, Jhael with the refugees, and Terrian with the women-in-guard.)

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