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Dear Dreamwidth,

Holy Heck. I've been in Utah three days now and I feel like my head is spinning. There is SO much to do, and so not enough time to do... anything actually.

My mother is also in town. She came down to do wedding-like stuff with me. Which means it was finally time to face the music that I needed to get things done. Not that I don't want to, but I feel this overwhelming sense of panic everytime I seriously start planning the reception. Lots of peace about the wedding, but lots of panic about the reception.

In which there is a reception. )

Dress talk! )

On to happier things- I have a wedding dress! )

Today ought to be interesting. I bought a nice bra for the dress fitting today (Isn't it nice of them to have a dress fitting open JUST the next day?) but now I cannot find it. On top of that, my wallet is also missing. Mom cannot find it in her car, and it's not in Taylor's apartment. I'm going to go look in 116 again, but I've got a nasty feeling that it and the bra are in the same place. *sighs* Now that I'm looking back, I really should have brought a purse. I've always had my backpack in TX, but here I'm juggling.

Anyway. I'm going to go read my scriptures and try to calm down for the day. I mean, I have my dress. And... everything else will work out, right?

(Oh, and the dress once we get all the accessories and fitting stuff will STILL be under $600. The cheap person in me likes that.) I have pictures, I'll post some day.

Also.. mom made my day.  She called to tell me she was coming and I looked up where she was and was able to get her directions to the freeway.  Being given the chance to feel like I'm actually valuable and that I'm NOT a complete idiot... = awesome. Also, what is up with Mapquest actually deciding to be easy to use? 
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BWAHAHAHA! I'm trying to use Google Wave to do my wedding planning with my mother.

We'll see if this works. If it does then she, Taylor and I can all have a copy of what we're planning. How do I tell my mother that I want the Provo/Sandy reception to be more formal than the other two? Also, Taylor doesn't /have/ parents, what are we going to do about the Boulder reception? Also... argh! Why do I have to be in Houston? I hope the Lord is willing to give me some clues because I'm struggling right now. :(

In other news- I bought my plane tickets from Houston to SLC. Too expensive. WAY too expensive. $426 for a round trip. If I'd gone the week before the one I want to go it would be $325. That's right, about $100 difference.
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Wow, Amy and Robert are married!! I haven't seen many pictures, but the few I have seen she looks so pretty. I could only hope to look that pretty. Honestly.

Santa (aka, my older sister 'n mother) got me a Brides Magazine for my stocking stuffer. I was Santa's helper this year and delivered them. After I saw it I couldn't fall back asleep for an hour because all of the anxiety came back. Eventually I was able to calm down but that moment in the middle of the night was not fun. See, I AM my parents daughter. Sometimes I'm able to be much more chill then them.

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