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.... I guess I finally get why Taylor likes Video games so much. See here for mini discussion of Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword. )

Though I do need to get down to work now, there's so much to do.

Also... I need a surprised face avatar.

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I HATE money.

Here's the thing- If we can get REIMBURSED for over $500 worth of expenses, WHY WOULDN'T HE TURN IN THE PAPERWORK?! I think I might just cry right now. If Taylor doesn't get his first paycheck from his job soon I don't know what we're going to do... The tax return season doesn't come till at LEAST the end of January.
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my brain hurts. x.x Taylor got a call to expect a call back about the job interview he had last week....

That just doesn't make sense! If you're going to bother to call why don't you just say if we got it or not.x.x

Also... My science books are weird. They all look bound perfectly, but half of them have two pages for some stories while others only have one for the two stories! It's not a page missing, so I'm just confused!
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Taylor snores. Like... crazy bad. And I'm a VERY light sleeper especially when I first start sleeping. Any noise can keep me up, and it's really, really, really easy to wake me up. Note, he only snores on his back.

I fell asleep on his side of the bed because it is 100,000,000 times more comfortable than mine. I don't mind it when he wakes me up and tells me to move over, I can usually go back to sleep before he actually comes to bed and so am usually able to sleep though his snoring. Tonight though, when he came back to bed he tried to cuddle with me and it pissed me off. I do NOT like to cuddle when 3/4ths asleep and he knows this. So, having to push him away and say 'no' woke me up the rest of the way. I'm sitting there wide awake and just starting to feel a little bit sleepy again when... he starts to snore. So I kick him to wake him up. This continues for quite some time. I usually would just go put in my ear plugs, but I've been wearing them so much lately that my ears are sensitive to the touch and aren't helping much any more. So finally I give up and move out to the couch.

I'm seriously considering getting a two-bedroom apartment, and going back to the days where married couples don't sleep in the same bedroom.

And so you don't think this is an isolated incident- I've been on the couch every night this week. And I DID try the earplugs first every other day.
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Not only has the first week of school flown by, but the first weekend has also! I was able to do some awesome shopping last night. Managed to score 81% savings at Safeway (I usually NEVER go there because the deals aren't usually there), and then 51% at Frys. I have to go back to buy more Gatorade this week because Taylor's doctor said NO MORE high fructose corn syrup. Not sure how I'm going to do much cooking without using it at least SOME, but I can do what I can!

The WORST part of the new foods is that Taylor had to throw out all of his Diet Mountain Dew. He LIVES off of caffeine, and this couldn't have come at a worse time. He starts his last semester of grad school on Tuesday. The capstone semester is crazy hard, and I'm worried about him. Hopefully the doctor is right and he'll use some of the weight. I love how my husband looks but I know it isn't healthy. As I'd like him to live longer than well... any Summers in living history I'm really going to support him in this.

Still, cooking is going to be harder! Esp as the doctor told him to cut back on carbs. x.x I LOVE CARBS.

I'm also going to try to take some of the more fatty/carby/HFCS to school with me so that I can still get it used up and Taylor doesn't have to be tempted.

Okay. I'm rambling. School is tomorrow. I... THINK I've got everything planned out. I'm trying to figure out how to fit everything in!
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If they post it on Facebook I'm allowed to read it yes? Especially if I don't comment about gross factual errors or mispellings or homophone errors.

a) The bell peppers came from our regular fajitas.
b) It's meat, not meet.
c) Fajitas with an s, because it's plural!

No, I'm not mentioning any of these. Nope! See me be nice? SEE!!?!?!

But... seriously. If he's going to use my cooking to create his blog, shouldn't I at least get to correct errors? I know it's the interwebs, but stilllll.....
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I love my family. But sometimes it is really hard.

As an aside- If you're upset about something, don't start dealing with another stressful situation. People just get hurt, understandings are not understood and no one walks away good.

It almost feels like betrayal.

As the point of this post- I love Taylor Summers.
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For the first time I have felt grateful that my engagement is as long as it was. Taylor's roommate just proposed to his girlfriend and they -outwardly at least- are having some struggles. Taylor and I basically had a date in mind, but setting it in stone WAS NOT the big idea on our mind right after he put that ring on my finger. We had a month of a very joyous, "Oh wow, I'm engaged" before we had to start doing things. I think it might have strengthened our relationship quite a bit.

I love Taylor. )

To do:
Put Ms. Howard's name in the temple. She needs all the extra prayer she can get. Can you, dear readers, also pray for her? The biggest thing she needs right now is your prayers for health. The kids need her a lot right now. I only wish I could be there to help her and them.
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As this evening draws to a close, actually, it's fairly well done but anyway, I find myself wishing dearly for some introspective moments. More profoundly, I want to write in a journal. I do have one, but it is empty and... in Arizona.

Book Ramblings )

Not even remotly semi-coherent ramblings done at 2am. )
Oh well. It's late at night, which is never a good sign. The Caffeine rush has worn off, but I'm still feeling the after shocks- just a bit jittery. Gonna pull the meat out of the freezer to thaw, with hopes that I can get my hands on a crock pot early tomorrow so I can cook din-din. Shoot... I forgot the warchester sauce!! Maybe Taylor or 116 will have some? Dang it.

Oh well. I'll figure it out, I always do.

Taylor, if you read this, I love you.

Also, Dreamwidth, you annoy me. Why cannot I write my own cut-text tags? I try, you say it's an error, so I go back, try to use the rich text while you delete everything I had under the misbegotten tags. I finally recover everything (or give up in disgust) use the Rich Text to get my cuts, only to go back to HTML only to discover that I /had/ typed the tags in correctly and you're just a pain in the a$$. Chey- Have you had this problem?
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Dear Dreamwidth readers,

I would like to introduce you to the newest college graduate (along with the other 6,000+ from BYU). Yes, this is me. I walked across a stage yesterday to accept my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education yesterday. Best part was that I got to walk with my amazing fiance, Taylor. My parents came out and as I had a cousin (Becca) graduating also from the school of communications (like Taylor, but in advertising, not journalism) my Aunt Karen and Uncle Randy were there.

Afterward mom, dad, Jade, Taylor and I went out to go buy wedding stuff and got almost /all/ of the decorations and plates/cups. Forks we're going to be cheap about and go to Costco. (Seriously, they're forks!) Spent almost $550, which as far as I'm concerned is VERY good. Those decorations were for both receptions (Provo and Gypsum.) Mom's still pretty upset about being outside, but as I'm bending on just about everything else she's dealing with it. I mean, if it rains that's my fault. As the average rainfall in Utah in June is .8 of an inch I'm not too worried.

Anyway, our budget for the two receptions is $2000, with the other $3000 going for everything else (from gas expenses, to hotel rooms, etc etc etc.) I'm hoping to come in below budget, but I can only hope. Maybe that'll be nicer for Mom if I can keep the price down.

Anyway, after we bought stuff Taylor and I picked up my Cousin Kim and her friend Ash and we went up to Uncle Bills. (There were too many 'ands' in that sentence.) We got there before my parents and just chilled till they and Aunt Jessica + crowd arrived. Karen, Becca, Randy + Brent (Becca's fiance) all arrived JUST before dinner. (In a public form I will not speculate as to why this is, but I have a few theories.) Nothing too crazy happened. Little cousins jumped me, Taylor helped them to tickle, movies, losing horrible at Mari Wii... (seriously, I suck.)

All in all... a good graduation day. Best part of it was when I got back to Uncle David (and Aunt Jessica's) and CRASHED. I haven't slept that well in a long time. Since coming back from TX I haven't gotten more than 5 hours a sleep a night.

Now I get to move on to bigger and better things. I found someone today to get my invitations done. 450 for $275 which includes the invitations, envelops, design cost and 50 insert cards for those we're inviting to the sealing. They're not going to be the most elaborate because the woman ( only does this for a hobby, but the price is pretty fantastic. She said she'd probably get back to me Monday/Tuesday with a design. I'm VERY stoked because I've been stressing getting these things out!! I might even pay a little more to have the envelopes printed with the return address.

Next week I'm going down to Phoenix for three days. The registration on my car is up this month and as we're moving I don't want to renew the registration in Utah. Better to do it in AZ.

All in all... life is good to me. I'm going to go back to where Taylor's working now though, hang with him a bit longer. I was abortively attempting to make my own invitations because of my frustration.

Here is love. <3 <3 <3 God bless.
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It's so crazy. I've been in Houston sans the most important man in my life, and now I'm in Utah practically attached at the hip to him. Now that I'm back I'm not sure at all how I managed to get along without having him with me for the last few months. Let me back up....

My student teaching ended on Thursday, April 15. Zenobia, Todd, Ms. Barrera, Ms. Willis and Mrs. Garrero all conspired to throw me a party. They bought a big cake (As soon as possible I'll post pictures!!) had the kids make cards etc. I cried... basically all through it. Best gift- A treasure box. Large wooden box caved as a treasure chest. As a teacher, I feel it important to note that this is AWESOME and I could do a million things with it!! Well, the day ended with lots of kids crying and asking if I could stay and when would I be back. Said good bye to them, packed up, helped a mother a bit, and then had to say goodbye to Zenobia. I never thought I'd become friends with my mentor teacher, but I really did. She is very sweet and helped me so much.

Upon getting out I cried my way to Drivers Auto where they fixed the belt on my car and rotated my tires. They were so sweet, they rotated my tires for free. Yeah, it was only a savings of $20, but... As I have no job... that's pretty nice. Alright. Got the car fixed, read through all of my things and headed home. Rosemary was with her grandchildren that night so I was able to pack for hours with music and talking to Taylor and frequent breaks.

Get up the next morning. Taylor didn't fly into Dallas until 1:20 so I headed out a bit later. Dallas Airport is weird, but I kinda like how organized their parking system was. You got a ticket as you entered and then when you left you gave them your ticked and REGARDLESS of where you parked you payed the amount the time you spent there demanded.

Waiting for Taylor was torture, but seeing him was worth it. He hates flying so it was a huge relief to him too. I almost didn't want to let go of him to start walking to pick up his bag and get to the car.

I figure if we can stand each other after so many hours in a car we're in good standing for the future. We drove from Dallas to Wichita Kansas. Did you know that I-35 through that area (Kansas Border and Wichita) is a toll road? Who knew?! Almost got lost in OK City because of misleading signs. One of my pet peeves is backseat drivers, esp if I follow their instructions and they're wrong!! Anyway, we got back on track and as soon as we did that I said sorry for getting annoyed at him. It's not like he's ever been to Oklahoma City before either.

Anyway, stayed over in Wichita, then drove all the way to Gypsum the next day. My car was acting sluggish with all the weight so he didn't learn to drive. Meaning, I drove the whole way. Long, long, long drive. Though (don't tell anyone!) I really liked some of the new Mountain Dews that are out. Disturbia was very tasty- kinda like a limeaid. Yum.

Taylor came to church with me on Sunday and it was SO much fun to introduce him around. Everyone is super excited about me getting married. It was almost like being newly engaged again! Mom and Taylor and I talked wedding stuff, got some things figured out ladida...

Had eye/dentist appointments. Got new lenses in my glasses. Should have sprang the extra $60 for the better lenses but I'll live. Dentist said I've three small spots that are alright, but should be looked at. As I've no insurance as of two days from now I'm not worrying about them.

Drove back to UT. Stopped along the way to have Taylor meet Joshua in Junction. Then we headed out here. I almost stopped in Price but decided I just wanted to GET there. So nice to drive and hold Taylor's hand. I've missed that a lot. Price Canyon was stupid and under construction and confusing.

Taylor's actually at work right now. I just moved so I could listen to his broadcast. The next one I'm going to go hear in studio. That'll be fun. He's letting me use his laptop durring the interum so I don't get bored. <3 Mostly I just slept the last 2-3 hours outside on the grass! Didn't do anything for my looks, but it felt so good!!!

My registration on the car ends at the end of this month, so I'm going to go down to Phoenix on the 29th so I can register my car and then get back up here. I don't like the idea of leaving Taylor again, even for those three days, but you do what you can. I cannot be driving around with expired plates and it makes NO sense to get them up here in UT when in two months I'm going to be in AZ.

Alright, I've spent enough time on this. Ansible won't let me log in, so I'm going to log off. Tay's going to have to plug in his computer tonight when he uses it. oops. His battery lasts a lot longer than mine though!!
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Dear Dreamwidth,

Holy Heck. I've been in Utah three days now and I feel like my head is spinning. There is SO much to do, and so not enough time to do... anything actually.

My mother is also in town. She came down to do wedding-like stuff with me. Which means it was finally time to face the music that I needed to get things done. Not that I don't want to, but I feel this overwhelming sense of panic everytime I seriously start planning the reception. Lots of peace about the wedding, but lots of panic about the reception.

In which there is a reception. )

Dress talk! )

On to happier things- I have a wedding dress! )

Today ought to be interesting. I bought a nice bra for the dress fitting today (Isn't it nice of them to have a dress fitting open JUST the next day?) but now I cannot find it. On top of that, my wallet is also missing. Mom cannot find it in her car, and it's not in Taylor's apartment. I'm going to go look in 116 again, but I've got a nasty feeling that it and the bra are in the same place. *sighs* Now that I'm looking back, I really should have brought a purse. I've always had my backpack in TX, but here I'm juggling.

Anyway. I'm going to go read my scriptures and try to calm down for the day. I mean, I have my dress. And... everything else will work out, right?

(Oh, and the dress once we get all the accessories and fitting stuff will STILL be under $600. The cheap person in me likes that.) I have pictures, I'll post some day.

Also.. mom made my day.  She called to tell me she was coming and I looked up where she was and was able to get her directions to the freeway.  Being given the chance to feel like I'm actually valuable and that I'm NOT a complete idiot... = awesome. Also, what is up with Mapquest actually deciding to be easy to use? 
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Canada, New Mexico and Los Angles. I hate that you've made my fiance unhappy. All of these losses would be acceptable if they hadn't happened in the same weekend. I curse you for him!
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I'm really proud of my students. They know so much and are working so hard. <3 <3 <3 <3 on them.

Next: 16 days till I see Taylor. I can do this.

Next: I have no problem with a perfectly loving God allowing Evil to exist. Evil results from our choices and no all loving God would ever take our ability to make choices away from us. Evil will be judged for the choices that are made and the consequence for that action will be given. A perfect God cannot make allowances for people who sin when they know full well they're doing wrong. The law has been laid out, and it is for men to walk it. Now, you're going to ask "but what about those who didn't know?" And the answer, of course, is that a perfect, loving God would make allowance for ignorance. I believe that allowance is made through the ordanances of Baptism for the Dead and other Temple work.

The Lord knows best, and I'm more than willing to leave most of that in his more than capible hands.

I'm just tired now. Tomorrows lessons: Periods v. Exclamations Points v. Question Marks. When do I use What?

7:45-8:00 Welcome
8:00-9:00 German
9:00-10:00 Benchmark Test (writing or science.)
10:00-10:15 Bathroom Break
10:15-11:00 Practice with Punctuation
11:00-11:15 DOL
11:15-11:30 Read Aloud
11:30-12:20 Lunch
12:20-12:30 DEAR
12:30-1:20 Spanish
1:20-1:50 Recess
1:50-2:45 Math - Introducing Division
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I'm so tired of being in Houston without Texas. Chey, I have no idea how you dated dive so long without being with him. There isn't a day I wake up when my first thought isn't about him, or my last thought about him. I manage to devote my days to my children, and refuse to go home till my work is done because I know very well that the moment I come home I'm not going to work, I'm going to want to talk to him.

School is going well. one of my students is driving my CRAZY. He starts off the morning usually in a bad mood, then any time between specials and lunch his mood takes an abrupt 180 and he's back to alright. He's a smart kid and deep down I think he actually wants to do well. He loves it when he gets the answer right, and when he can help others (which, strangely enough, he's pretty good at doing. I've thought of moving the girl in the desk next to him away, but sometimes they do so well that I feel it would be detrimental to her to move her.) This boy has had problems in the past, but I don't hold them against him. I try to restart the day back on a good foot so every day when he walks in he gets as many chances (sometimes more) to behave and work as the other children do.

I just wish there was something I could DO to help him.

Another little girl did just fine in math today. She struggles with her confidence. She is a solidly average student and gets pressured from home to do better. I've told Taylor that I will not pressure my kids to do better then they are able to do. If I can see that they are working and doing their best (not dinking around) then I'm more then likely to leave them alone with their B's and C's. I want them to have an inner motivation to get the grades and between Taylor's genes and mine, I think they'll have it if they're allowed to grow into it. Learning is something that really needs to have inner motivation. Anyway, back to my girl. She's been working hard on her subtraction and today had a break through with it. She solved all of the problems correctly on the first try and I made sure to comment on it. The smile on her face when I told her she was among the first in the class to finish was worth more than it's weight in gold.

Also, my new girl and my spacy boy are going to be best friends. They're both off in their own little worlds so it didn't even occur to me that when I moved her they would join each OTHER in that different world. I moved her because I wanted her to feel more like a part of the classroom (she had been way far off in a corner and I could tell she was getting lost.) When I put my attention back on them they were talking and playing. I've never seen them play with anyone but Angelina (who plays with EVeryone). So yeah, gotta watch those two. They're both JUST low enough that I worry about them.
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Man, I wish whatever I had would decide what it is. One moment I'm feeling alright, not too congested, head clears up a bit... and then not even five minutes later I struggle to string two coherent sentences together. My mother called me 'loopy' when we talked earlier.

I know, I need to give up and go buy some Niquil. But... I've already been to Wal-mart! I don't want to go again, 'n that's probably the cheapest place to buy it.

I know, I know... I'm a baby. Sickness always does this to me. If something outside is contributing to my misery I can deal with it, but when it's something inside of me I turn to mush. x.x

Tried to take a nap earlier, but I woke up every 15ish minutes because I'd be right on the verge of actual sleep and I'd forget that my nose is clogged, breathe through my nose, be unable to do so, and wake up because I need air. (Weird noise = scared awake! "Holy crap!? What was that randomly weird wet sound? It sounded like it was right on top of me! Oh, yeah.... Where's a tissue....")

Anyway, yeah. I'm sick. I just made myself eat something, and now I'm going to try to do some work.

In better news....

That is all.
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Taylor needs your prayers, please pray for him. He's taking the GRE tomorrow, and he's really worried.
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I am now in Houston, TX. To do:

A) Go to sleep and try to actually... sleep tonight.
B) Meet Mimi at 11:00.
C) Drive by the District Office typething.
D) Drive by Carroll Elementary
E) Meet Rosemary at 1:00.
F) Move into Rosemary's place.
G) Figure out what to do tomorrow till 11:00.
H) Yeah....

I miss Taylor. He's out with friends right now (yay! If I can't be there, at least he's having fun!), so I cannot call him. I wait!

Also, I love humidity. Especially right now when it isn't overpowering.

Also, All A's except for two A- in Literacy and Instruction and Assessment. This means that I've gotten A's or A-'s in all of my professional development classes. YAY!

I miss Taylor. I'm in Houston. I just realized my student teaching doesn't start till the 5th. okay, I KNEW this, but it hadn't quite clicked that it was TUESDAY, not Monday. Weird. I've emailed the Human Resource person to see if I can fill out the paperwork on Monday if they're in. Hopefully?

Man... I'm exhausted. But I want to talk to Taylor! MUST STAY AWAKE.
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BWAHAHAHA! I'm trying to use Google Wave to do my wedding planning with my mother.

We'll see if this works. If it does then she, Taylor and I can all have a copy of what we're planning. How do I tell my mother that I want the Provo/Sandy reception to be more formal than the other two? Also, Taylor doesn't /have/ parents, what are we going to do about the Boulder reception? Also... argh! Why do I have to be in Houston? I hope the Lord is willing to give me some clues because I'm struggling right now. :(

In other news- I bought my plane tickets from Houston to SLC. Too expensive. WAY too expensive. $426 for a round trip. If I'd gone the week before the one I want to go it would be $325. That's right, about $100 difference.
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I really miss Taylor. Let me start off with that little bit of news. (Not that it is news... it's pretty much my chronic condition these days.) We talked for 4 hours today, but I wish I could see his face as we talk. I'm going to have to find a way to either make my webcam work or buy one. I know him well enough that I can basically imagine what face he's making when he talks, but at the same time we're both a rollercoster of emotion that it is hard to follow sometimes.

We'll get it fixed though. No matter what!

Next. Sometime earlier in this year (either January or May) I did a family home evening with my family where we wrote down goals for ourselves. I never really expected anyone to think anything of it, but my mom and youngest sister still have theirs taped in conspicuous places. Apparently, mine too as I found it on the side of the family computer. I didn't remember my goal but I opened it up and looked at it.

The overriding goal was "Like to look at the bright side more" and my small goals included:
Able to bounce back from things
Generally see the good in people
Read my scriptures every night
Love my family, even when they are impossible.

As I look at the year in retrospect, I think I actually accomplished this. I'm much more upbeat then I once was.

Now, what is my goal for next year? It's that time of year to start figuring out what my goal is going to be.
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