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For the first time I have felt grateful that my engagement is as long as it was. Taylor's roommate just proposed to his girlfriend and they -outwardly at least- are having some struggles. Taylor and I basically had a date in mind, but setting it in stone WAS NOT the big idea on our mind right after he put that ring on my finger. We had a month of a very joyous, "Oh wow, I'm engaged" before we had to start doing things. I think it might have strengthened our relationship quite a bit.

I love Taylor. )

To do:
Put Ms. Howard's name in the temple. She needs all the extra prayer she can get. Can you, dear readers, also pray for her? The biggest thing she needs right now is your prayers for health. The kids need her a lot right now. I only wish I could be there to help her and them.
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I'm really proud of my students. They know so much and are working so hard. <3 <3 <3 <3 on them.

Next: 16 days till I see Taylor. I can do this.

Next: I have no problem with a perfectly loving God allowing Evil to exist. Evil results from our choices and no all loving God would ever take our ability to make choices away from us. Evil will be judged for the choices that are made and the consequence for that action will be given. A perfect God cannot make allowances for people who sin when they know full well they're doing wrong. The law has been laid out, and it is for men to walk it. Now, you're going to ask "but what about those who didn't know?" And the answer, of course, is that a perfect, loving God would make allowance for ignorance. I believe that allowance is made through the ordanances of Baptism for the Dead and other Temple work.

The Lord knows best, and I'm more than willing to leave most of that in his more than capible hands.

I'm just tired now. Tomorrows lessons: Periods v. Exclamations Points v. Question Marks. When do I use What?

7:45-8:00 Welcome
8:00-9:00 German
9:00-10:00 Benchmark Test (writing or science.)
10:00-10:15 Bathroom Break
10:15-11:00 Practice with Punctuation
11:00-11:15 DOL
11:15-11:30 Read Aloud
11:30-12:20 Lunch
12:20-12:30 DEAR
12:30-1:20 Spanish
1:20-1:50 Recess
1:50-2:45 Math - Introducing Division
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Tired. Just bone weary tired.

17 days till I see him.

Benchmark Tests:
1. Math 3/4 passed.
2. Science
3. Social Studies
4. Writing
5. Reading

For further reading on how I feel about the tests see: Adventures in Learning: Benchmark Test
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I'm so tired of being in Houston without Texas. Chey, I have no idea how you dated dive so long without being with him. There isn't a day I wake up when my first thought isn't about him, or my last thought about him. I manage to devote my days to my children, and refuse to go home till my work is done because I know very well that the moment I come home I'm not going to work, I'm going to want to talk to him.

School is going well. one of my students is driving my CRAZY. He starts off the morning usually in a bad mood, then any time between specials and lunch his mood takes an abrupt 180 and he's back to alright. He's a smart kid and deep down I think he actually wants to do well. He loves it when he gets the answer right, and when he can help others (which, strangely enough, he's pretty good at doing. I've thought of moving the girl in the desk next to him away, but sometimes they do so well that I feel it would be detrimental to her to move her.) This boy has had problems in the past, but I don't hold them against him. I try to restart the day back on a good foot so every day when he walks in he gets as many chances (sometimes more) to behave and work as the other children do.

I just wish there was something I could DO to help him.

Another little girl did just fine in math today. She struggles with her confidence. She is a solidly average student and gets pressured from home to do better. I've told Taylor that I will not pressure my kids to do better then they are able to do. If I can see that they are working and doing their best (not dinking around) then I'm more then likely to leave them alone with their B's and C's. I want them to have an inner motivation to get the grades and between Taylor's genes and mine, I think they'll have it if they're allowed to grow into it. Learning is something that really needs to have inner motivation. Anyway, back to my girl. She's been working hard on her subtraction and today had a break through with it. She solved all of the problems correctly on the first try and I made sure to comment on it. The smile on her face when I told her she was among the first in the class to finish was worth more than it's weight in gold.

Also, my new girl and my spacy boy are going to be best friends. They're both off in their own little worlds so it didn't even occur to me that when I moved her they would join each OTHER in that different world. I moved her because I wanted her to feel more like a part of the classroom (she had been way far off in a corner and I could tell she was getting lost.) When I put my attention back on them they were talking and playing. I've never seen them play with anyone but Angelina (who plays with EVeryone). So yeah, gotta watch those two. They're both JUST low enough that I worry about them.
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Oh goodness, I feel so much better right now. I did end up going to church, but only long enough to partake of the sacrament then I came back home. I feel better having at least done that, but no matter how much better I feel going out for long periods today is probably a bad idea.

On a more happy note.

TWS Check List
1. Contextual Factors
2. Learning Goals and Objectives
3. Assessment Plan

4. Design for Instruction
5. Instructional Decision-Making
6. Report of Student Learning
7. Reflection and Self Evaluation

3 down, seven to go! 5-7 I can work on this next weekend (because my unit'll be done then. :D)
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Hey ya'll.

Taylor informed me last night that I haven't updated this blog since New Years. That's probably because I've done two very extensive posts over at my education blog- If you want to know about how I've been in the school since coming to Texas, you'll find it there.

As for me personally? I'm getting by. I am really glad I have my student teaching to do, or I would never get out. I'm not the type of person to really likes to put herself out there if it isn't necessary. People say hi to me a lot, but I'm always just a step behind in remembering their names. Actually, it drives me crazy. It's not that I don't try, I do, but my short-term memory is very bad. If you distract me with something else (like a conversation) right after I learn a new piece of information then I'll forget that information (like a name) instantly. When I'm learning kids names I DO have time to put their names into my long-term memory because I can reherse them. Adult names? Not so much. People think you're crazy if you walk around muttering their names under your breath as you point at them.

My ward seems to be nice. I've already requested that my records be moved here. (Mostly so I can pay tithing!) Everyone has been really welcoming and nice. I just wish there was someone else my age! Well, go to the singles ward you say. No thanks. I make that drive five times a week twice each day. I'd rather make it as little as humanly possible.

Rosemary is nice, but once again, not my age. I feel really awkward being in her house, but I try not to. It works about 1/4 of the time.

I guess I should take a nap right now. I'm missing Taylor a whole lot, and at least if I'm unconscious I have a chance of maybe dreaming about him?

I really hope the Lord has a plan for my time out here, because.... basically, this bites.
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I am now in Houston, TX. To do:

A) Go to sleep and try to actually... sleep tonight.
B) Meet Mimi at 11:00.
C) Drive by the District Office typething.
D) Drive by Carroll Elementary
E) Meet Rosemary at 1:00.
F) Move into Rosemary's place.
G) Figure out what to do tomorrow till 11:00.
H) Yeah....

I miss Taylor. He's out with friends right now (yay! If I can't be there, at least he's having fun!), so I cannot call him. I wait!

Also, I love humidity. Especially right now when it isn't overpowering.

Also, All A's except for two A- in Literacy and Instruction and Assessment. This means that I've gotten A's or A-'s in all of my professional development classes. YAY!

I miss Taylor. I'm in Houston. I just realized my student teaching doesn't start till the 5th. okay, I KNEW this, but it hadn't quite clicked that it was TUESDAY, not Monday. Weird. I've emailed the Human Resource person to see if I can fill out the paperwork on Monday if they're in. Hopefully?

Man... I'm exhausted. But I want to talk to Taylor! MUST STAY AWAKE.

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