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Oh goodness, I feel so much better right now. I did end up going to church, but only long enough to partake of the sacrament then I came back home. I feel better having at least done that, but no matter how much better I feel going out for long periods today is probably a bad idea.

On a more happy note.

TWS Check List
1. Contextual Factors
2. Learning Goals and Objectives
3. Assessment Plan

4. Design for Instruction
5. Instructional Decision-Making
6. Report of Student Learning
7. Reflection and Self Evaluation

3 down, seven to go! 5-7 I can work on this next weekend (because my unit'll be done then. :D)
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Man, I wish whatever I had would decide what it is. One moment I'm feeling alright, not too congested, head clears up a bit... and then not even five minutes later I struggle to string two coherent sentences together. My mother called me 'loopy' when we talked earlier.

I know, I need to give up and go buy some Niquil. But... I've already been to Wal-mart! I don't want to go again, 'n that's probably the cheapest place to buy it.

I know, I know... I'm a baby. Sickness always does this to me. If something outside is contributing to my misery I can deal with it, but when it's something inside of me I turn to mush. x.x

Tried to take a nap earlier, but I woke up every 15ish minutes because I'd be right on the verge of actual sleep and I'd forget that my nose is clogged, breathe through my nose, be unable to do so, and wake up because I need air. (Weird noise = scared awake! "Holy crap!? What was that randomly weird wet sound? It sounded like it was right on top of me! Oh, yeah.... Where's a tissue....")

Anyway, yeah. I'm sick. I just made myself eat something, and now I'm going to try to do some work.

In better news....

That is all.
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