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For how rough today started out (between the tires, and then out of no where I had a panic attack --> Which, thankfully, I caught early enough that it didn't spiral too far out.) it turned out not too bad.

For the most part the kids reminded me that they ARE the best class I've ever had. (Mr. Arrogance being the exception as always.) They're intelligent, they think hard, and they really do want me to be happy with what they're doing. They take pride in their work and they just... try. They try so hard.

I love my class. (even if I do have no voice right now!)
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1. I am able to CHANGE THE F*E(@#)*$# tire!

Taylor got a flat this morning. No big sweat, we both know how to change a tire.

Problems we faced:
1. Taylor's stupid f'n lug nut looseners frickn were too small.
2. I was asleep.
3. Zip cars are F'n expensive to rent when going out-of-city.
4. I didn't have my glasses on when going down.
5. Taylor needed to be in Tucson oh... an hour ago or so.
6. Toyota's ahve fricken stupid caps over their lug nuts.
7. Stupid friken nuts got stuck in the tire-iron we finally drove to Walmart to buy. (Say, $16 down the drain?)
8. Found another tire iron that was able to loosen only ONE of the fricken nuts.
9. Taylor can't drive my car and I have to go to work too.
10. I managed to hurt my fingers (bruises. :() while trying to fix tire iron.



Moral: I hate Toyotas. I love my car. My car is easy to a) fix, b) change a f'n tire on.
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I just had a good day.

It started out with some bad news- we didn't get the scholarship we had hoped for. So we're going to be draining the trust fund this next year. I'd kinda planned on that (because I'm a wet towel) but it's still upsetting that we didn't get it.

Well, after that I spent some time talking to Mom on the phone. Taylor and I had planned on going to the Temple today, and after the bad news I /really/ wanted to go. Because I think the Temple is the BEST way to get some perspective and heal a sadness. So Taylor and I still went. BEST idea ever. Eternal perspective. A place where the devil has NO power, so everything can really fall into place. I hope, somehow, I can make my home like that because the Temple won't be as accessible. It's a half hour away from where we're thinking of looking rather than just five minutes away. (We'll go to the Mesa Arizona Temple.) Anyway. GOOD idea.

Then I changed, Taylor changed and he came to pick me up. We went shopping because he needed food and we found a good deal on some good hamburger meat ($1.99 a lb pre patty, vs. $2.99 out of patty). So we ended up buying everything. It was fun to figure out what he wanted to do! So we're going to grill hamburgers, chips and watermelon. (YUM!)

Then dinner. Came back to my place and hung out a bit. Watched some SUV, then decided to go back to Taylor's place because he had to move his car anyway. (Riv tows at 11). Taylor got the game Cribbage on his Droid and I've been playing it so got him hooked. His roommate owns the actual game (mine is in Phoenix.) And he did really well. I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed it. I love playing card games.

To sum up- Taylor is the best fiance ever. Arizona is possible. Life is good.

Pray that we get the apartment we've got our eyes on! It's perfect for us, and we both feel good about it. I'm really, really, really hoping.


Also- Just had the best moment. One of Aiesha's friends served his mission in Houston South and knows Mimi's father. So we got to talk for a moment. AWESOME.
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For the first time I have felt grateful that my engagement is as long as it was. Taylor's roommate just proposed to his girlfriend and they -outwardly at least- are having some struggles. Taylor and I basically had a date in mind, but setting it in stone WAS NOT the big idea on our mind right after he put that ring on my finger. We had a month of a very joyous, "Oh wow, I'm engaged" before we had to start doing things. I think it might have strengthened our relationship quite a bit.

I love Taylor. )

To do:
Put Ms. Howard's name in the temple. She needs all the extra prayer she can get. Can you, dear readers, also pray for her? The biggest thing she needs right now is your prayers for health. The kids need her a lot right now. I only wish I could be there to help her and them.
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As this evening draws to a close, actually, it's fairly well done but anyway, I find myself wishing dearly for some introspective moments. More profoundly, I want to write in a journal. I do have one, but it is empty and... in Arizona.

Book Ramblings )

Not even remotly semi-coherent ramblings done at 2am. )
Oh well. It's late at night, which is never a good sign. The Caffeine rush has worn off, but I'm still feeling the after shocks- just a bit jittery. Gonna pull the meat out of the freezer to thaw, with hopes that I can get my hands on a crock pot early tomorrow so I can cook din-din. Shoot... I forgot the warchester sauce!! Maybe Taylor or 116 will have some? Dang it.

Oh well. I'll figure it out, I always do.

Taylor, if you read this, I love you.

Also, Dreamwidth, you annoy me. Why cannot I write my own cut-text tags? I try, you say it's an error, so I go back, try to use the rich text while you delete everything I had under the misbegotten tags. I finally recover everything (or give up in disgust) use the Rich Text to get my cuts, only to go back to HTML only to discover that I /had/ typed the tags in correctly and you're just a pain in the a$$. Chey- Have you had this problem?
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Dear Dreamwidth,

Holy Heck. I've been in Utah three days now and I feel like my head is spinning. There is SO much to do, and so not enough time to do... anything actually.

My mother is also in town. She came down to do wedding-like stuff with me. Which means it was finally time to face the music that I needed to get things done. Not that I don't want to, but I feel this overwhelming sense of panic everytime I seriously start planning the reception. Lots of peace about the wedding, but lots of panic about the reception.

In which there is a reception. )

Dress talk! )

On to happier things- I have a wedding dress! )

Today ought to be interesting. I bought a nice bra for the dress fitting today (Isn't it nice of them to have a dress fitting open JUST the next day?) but now I cannot find it. On top of that, my wallet is also missing. Mom cannot find it in her car, and it's not in Taylor's apartment. I'm going to go look in 116 again, but I've got a nasty feeling that it and the bra are in the same place. *sighs* Now that I'm looking back, I really should have brought a purse. I've always had my backpack in TX, but here I'm juggling.

Anyway. I'm going to go read my scriptures and try to calm down for the day. I mean, I have my dress. And... everything else will work out, right?

(Oh, and the dress once we get all the accessories and fitting stuff will STILL be under $600. The cheap person in me likes that.) I have pictures, I'll post some day.

Also.. mom made my day.  She called to tell me she was coming and I looked up where she was and was able to get her directions to the freeway.  Being given the chance to feel like I'm actually valuable and that I'm NOT a complete idiot... = awesome. Also, what is up with Mapquest actually deciding to be easy to use? 

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