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So, I got all the way to school today, sat in my car listening to the end of the news, stood up, and then realized I didn't have the keys to my classroom. I hit myself on the head, got BACK in the car and prepared to drive ALL THE WAY HOME. That's when I remembered that I really only had enough gas in my car to get me home... but not back to school again. Oh, and did I mention my purse is MIA so I have no money for gas?

So, since the car was started I drove to a gas station and asked if they took a check. They didn't. Then, from behind the counter someone I know appears! It is the mother of my super-duper-problem child from last year!! She was super sweet, told me how her son is doing (she said he was doing well which made me REALLY HAPPY) and then said that she'd take a check from me.

It totally turned my day around. It made me realize that no- I didn't have to drive all the way home. I COULD just ask Bill (the plant foreman) to unlock my door and leave it unlocked the whole day (usually not a good idea with thousands of dollars worth of technology in my classroom but... eh, no one is allowed on campus that doesn't sign in, and the kids aren't big enough to haul it out. So, I got a little bit of gas in my car and the day turned around.

I love parents who are so kind.
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my brain hurts. x.x Taylor got a call to expect a call back about the job interview he had last week....

That just doesn't make sense! If you're going to bother to call why don't you just say if we got it or not.x.x

Also... My science books are weird. They all look bound perfectly, but half of them have two pages for some stories while others only have one for the two stories! It's not a page missing, so I'm just confused!

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