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I'm reading a book by C.S. Lewis that I LOVE. It's called Mere Christianity and reaffirms my already strong position that I think he's a genius when it comes to religious speaking.

One of my favorite parts is when he talks about all the different Christian Sects. He said that with all the bickering we do about who is different form whom, we're more likely to chase someone away from Christianity all together rather than help them to understand it.

<3 <3 <3 <3

I mean, I think there's only been one thing in the book so far I couldn't agree with, and nothing that hasn't at least been logically thought out.

On a secondary note... Today went really well. REALLY well. I decided that I'm going to give the kids less freedom in Language Arts then I did last week. Maybe in a few weeks... or months, I'll let them choose for themselves again when it comes to what they're going to do during the day.

Then again. Maybe not. In general they got SO MUCH DONE today. Some even finished ALL of the Vocabulary Work. (I really only expected spelling and a start on the vocabulary work.)

Tomorrow we're going to Finish Vocabulary, work on our SS connection, and prewrite our blog posts. The lesson is going to be on "Words in Context".
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Dear Dreamwidth readers,

I would like to introduce you to the newest college graduate (along with the other 6,000+ from BYU). Yes, this is me. I walked across a stage yesterday to accept my Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education yesterday. Best part was that I got to walk with my amazing fiance, Taylor. My parents came out and as I had a cousin (Becca) graduating also from the school of communications (like Taylor, but in advertising, not journalism) my Aunt Karen and Uncle Randy were there.

Afterward mom, dad, Jade, Taylor and I went out to go buy wedding stuff and got almost /all/ of the decorations and plates/cups. Forks we're going to be cheap about and go to Costco. (Seriously, they're forks!) Spent almost $550, which as far as I'm concerned is VERY good. Those decorations were for both receptions (Provo and Gypsum.) Mom's still pretty upset about being outside, but as I'm bending on just about everything else she's dealing with it. I mean, if it rains that's my fault. As the average rainfall in Utah in June is .8 of an inch I'm not too worried.

Anyway, our budget for the two receptions is $2000, with the other $3000 going for everything else (from gas expenses, to hotel rooms, etc etc etc.) I'm hoping to come in below budget, but I can only hope. Maybe that'll be nicer for Mom if I can keep the price down.

Anyway, after we bought stuff Taylor and I picked up my Cousin Kim and her friend Ash and we went up to Uncle Bills. (There were too many 'ands' in that sentence.) We got there before my parents and just chilled till they and Aunt Jessica + crowd arrived. Karen, Becca, Randy + Brent (Becca's fiance) all arrived JUST before dinner. (In a public form I will not speculate as to why this is, but I have a few theories.) Nothing too crazy happened. Little cousins jumped me, Taylor helped them to tickle, movies, losing horrible at Mari Wii... (seriously, I suck.)

All in all... a good graduation day. Best part of it was when I got back to Uncle David (and Aunt Jessica's) and CRASHED. I haven't slept that well in a long time. Since coming back from TX I haven't gotten more than 5 hours a sleep a night.

Now I get to move on to bigger and better things. I found someone today to get my invitations done. 450 for $275 which includes the invitations, envelops, design cost and 50 insert cards for those we're inviting to the sealing. They're not going to be the most elaborate because the woman ( only does this for a hobby, but the price is pretty fantastic. She said she'd probably get back to me Monday/Tuesday with a design. I'm VERY stoked because I've been stressing getting these things out!! I might even pay a little more to have the envelopes printed with the return address.

Next week I'm going down to Phoenix for three days. The registration on my car is up this month and as we're moving I don't want to renew the registration in Utah. Better to do it in AZ.

All in all... life is good to me. I'm going to go back to where Taylor's working now though, hang with him a bit longer. I was abortively attempting to make my own invitations because of my frustration.

Here is love. <3 <3 <3 God bless.
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So not much has changed since the 26th of October. I'm still profoundly super happy. I wake up Smiling and ready to go for goodness sake. There has been talk of rings, and dates, and colours. We might go with dark blue-light blue- white. But we haven't pinned anything down just yet. :D :D :D

There's your hint Mimi, if you read this.

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