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1. Henry B. Eyring - 12
Any word in a prophets message is meaningful, even a smart blurb. The Lord doesn't literally rule nations, but he will place people in positions who can make a difference.

2. Boyd K. Packer - 12
The commandment to multiply and replenish the earth has never been rescinded. Wake up! Be alert to the wickedness that threatens our families. All temptation and trials are escapeable. A vote cannot change anything that is a law of god. We cannot vote to override the law of gravity, this same thing applies to the moral laws that the Lord has issued. Mortal laws that make it 'legal' will not stop the consequences from breaking the Lord's Laws. We cannot and will not change our moral standards. If we do not protect and foster the family our liberty will perish. The charge for our sins has not been paid, if we would repent and take hold upon that payment. The Priesthood has the power to unlock the chains of addiction and bring true healing to the sinner. Sometimes, even after confession and payment of penalties the hardest part is forgiving ourselves. The lord has promised that no matter how many times we repent, we will be forgiven. We need to trust him. DON'T LOOK BACK. The best way to get away from evil is to avoid it. Don't let yourself go near it again so you are not trapped again.

3. J. E Jensen - Presidency of the 70 ***
The Holy Ghost is avalible to all. Roles
1. Teach and Testify of Father and Son
2. Teaches Truth of All Things
3. Leads to do Good
4. Comforter - sometimes, we don't have people to comfort, at these times, the HG is there.
Revelation is given to all, not just fathers. The things of the spirit are sacred and hard to express.
Review Cornerstones (Revelation, Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith and Holy Ghost)

4. Mary N. Cook - 1st Counselor of Young Women General Presidency
To keep our children on the straight and narrow we need to be examples. We ought never do anything we don't want our children to do. Activy prepare yourself to be an example in Faith. Work on your own faith and work to grow it. Lucy Mack Smith's example helped Joseph Smith to know to retire and pray for answers. If we have one hand on the rod, and one hand in the world we lose the confidence of our children because of our bad examples. Clarity can only result by having both hands on the rod. Be an example of purity. To keep our covenants we sometimes need to set aside other activities that would prevent us from keeping our covenants. For the strength of Youth. We need to model good choices in media and entertainment. Our own dress and appearance can be a model to our children.

5. Dallon H. Oaks - 12
Lines of communication - Priesthood and Personal.
Personal - We pray directly and he answers without any mortal intermediary. Based on worthiness. We ought not seek for a priesthood line to answer questions that ought to be answered through our own personal line. 1. In it's fullness the personal line does not function independent from the priesthood line. 2. The personal line only works when we are obedient.
Priesthood - The Lord has set forth the conditions that allow us to take hold upon Christ's atonement. The restoration of the priesthood is at the heart of the priesthood line. We believe that those who perform sacrifices needs to be done by one with Authority. Those who reject organized religion reject the order of the Lord. The voice of the Lord's servants is the voice of the lord. 1. The availability of the priesthood line does not overwhelm the personal line. 2. The priesthood line can only function fully when we are obedient.
We need both!

6. Thomas S. Monson - 12
Do we remember to give thanks? It unlocks blessings and helps us to feel the Lord's love. The savior gave thanks for what was given unto them, he didn't ask for more, but thanked and there was enough for all. If ingratitude is numbered among the sins, then gratitude takes its place as one of the greatest of virtues. How do we cultivate gratitude? The grateful man sees so much to be thankful for that good overpowers evil in his life. Pride destroys gratitude. A prayerful life helps us to cultivate gratitude. Humans seem to have an infinite ability to take things for granted. Express gratitude now, because we'll never know till it's too late. In addition to all else, may we ever be grateful for our savior and Lord, for his gospel and the answers to life's greatest questions. Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where will we be after this life?
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1. Russell B. Hayes - 12  )

2. Quentin L. Cook - 12 )3. Richard C. Edgley - Presiding Bishopbric )
4. Kevin R Duncan- 70 )

5. Gerrit W. Gong - 70 )
6. Neal L. Anderson - 12 ) 6. Neal L. Anderson - 12 )
Our decision not to be offended or to be offended has generations of consequences.  We cannot love Christ and disobey his commandments because of the knowledge that we have. Unto whom much is given, much is required. To whom shall we go?  Thou has the words of....

7. Elder Richard G. Scott - 12 )

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