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Man... Bishop VanAusdel just got released and they're getting a new bishop. This means that I don't know the bishop I'll be seeing when I get back. I'm... really... really..really... really upset. Sometimes I think the Lord has more confidence in my ability to cope with things then I actually do.

I'm actually really upset right now...

Can't SOMETHING about this engagement be easy? Please?

I'm not alright with this. I'm really not alright with this.
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So, today I was able to announce my engagement to all my friends and the diffrence between my Mormon friends and associates and my Non-Mormon friends and associates is CLEAR. My Mormon friends hear that we're going to be engaged for six months and ask, "Are you sure you want to wait that long?" and then I have to explain about Houston and my mother's sanity when it comes to the dress. My non-Mormon friends express concern that we're doing this way too fast. It makes me laugh more than a little bit.

I've told this story a million times, and it seems like I'll never forget it, but I am going to write down my engagement story just in case. This seemed like a good place.

Engagement Story )

So yeah. I'm the happiest person in the world right now (Even though it is snowing right now). Yesterday I got to tell everyone at church, and today I got to tell everyone in my Cohort. My mother and father called my respective extended family. (Which was nice, it would've been exhausting to call all of them myself!)

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