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I think I've entered the dreaming-nightmares-every-night part of the wedding. Saturday night's dreams were all about Mom, Sundays (last night) were all about my dress. For some reason Jess/Mom (one of them) had to take my dress to California and on the way back stopped to visit a friend in Nevada. Turns out their daughter is getting married THIS Saturday so they were comparing dresses. Unfortunately, my dress got left there and hers came to me. We didn't find out till just before mine (what did that poor girl do for her wedding?). The only reason we found out was because the bodice was way too loose (showing some serious breast skin on me.) and then I went "DUDE! NOT My DRESS!" (Kinda. Why didn't I figure it out upon first seeing it?) So we were frantically trying to find another dress for me to wear and in the end settled on this only mildly horrible sheathe dress made up of lots of layers, spaghetti strap and some jeweled parts. Not nearly as pretty as mine. (Though the real question is- why did I have five wedding-dress like dresses in my closet?)

Stupid dreams. At least I woke up after that and started to have a dream about digimon like creatures and peoples that had to find them before they got caught and killed in this castle thing! 25 eggs hidden, they thought they were on a mission to destroy them (by order of the King/Queen) but then they found ones that wouldn't break and it seemed like they ought to pick them up! So they did. And just as the last had found their egg.... The queen sentences them to die! (King gets mad after the fact btw - he wanted to order the death!) But in pure Snow White style the person lets the nice kids go because one of them is the daughter of the King (aka, Princess!). And then... My roommate came home from work (she works early morning) and I decided I ought to get up.
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Alright. I've reached the next snag in wedding planning bliss. The wedding is now 48 days away. I have my dress, two weeks I'll take it to mom so she can hem it and my slip. Have the veil. What I need now is to figure out what the heck to do with my hair!!

I know that I need to put it up. Mom and I were fussing with it a little when we got the dress and we both agreed it needed to be up. I almost want just a simple bun at the top of my head, but I think that might look funky with my bangs. I don't want to brush them back, because then my forehead looks big and severe. So I need to find an updo that'll go well with my shoulder-length hair and side swoop bangs. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Dear Dreamwidth,

Holy Heck. I've been in Utah three days now and I feel like my head is spinning. There is SO much to do, and so not enough time to do... anything actually.

My mother is also in town. She came down to do wedding-like stuff with me. Which means it was finally time to face the music that I needed to get things done. Not that I don't want to, but I feel this overwhelming sense of panic everytime I seriously start planning the reception. Lots of peace about the wedding, but lots of panic about the reception.

In which there is a reception. )

Dress talk! )

On to happier things- I have a wedding dress! )

Today ought to be interesting. I bought a nice bra for the dress fitting today (Isn't it nice of them to have a dress fitting open JUST the next day?) but now I cannot find it. On top of that, my wallet is also missing. Mom cannot find it in her car, and it's not in Taylor's apartment. I'm going to go look in 116 again, but I've got a nasty feeling that it and the bra are in the same place. *sighs* Now that I'm looking back, I really should have brought a purse. I've always had my backpack in TX, but here I'm juggling.

Anyway. I'm going to go read my scriptures and try to calm down for the day. I mean, I have my dress. And... everything else will work out, right?

(Oh, and the dress once we get all the accessories and fitting stuff will STILL be under $600. The cheap person in me likes that.) I have pictures, I'll post some day.

Also.. mom made my day.  She called to tell me she was coming and I looked up where she was and was able to get her directions to the freeway.  Being given the chance to feel like I'm actually valuable and that I'm NOT a complete idiot... = awesome. Also, what is up with Mapquest actually deciding to be easy to use? 
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Eep. I walked through a bridal dress store today 'n it scared the crap out of me. Just... such a daunting task! How can I ever find a dress that fits what I want? All of them look so big... and.... floofy. I'm not a very big and floofy person.


Also, in unrelated news, my CPSE class needs to die a horrible terrible death. This final project was suppose to be nothing big, but it's turned into something HUGE. We never discussed the CRIME processes in class, so I'm fumbling with what to do with it.
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