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I just had a good day.

It started out with some bad news- we didn't get the scholarship we had hoped for. So we're going to be draining the trust fund this next year. I'd kinda planned on that (because I'm a wet towel) but it's still upsetting that we didn't get it.

Well, after that I spent some time talking to Mom on the phone. Taylor and I had planned on going to the Temple today, and after the bad news I /really/ wanted to go. Because I think the Temple is the BEST way to get some perspective and heal a sadness. So Taylor and I still went. BEST idea ever. Eternal perspective. A place where the devil has NO power, so everything can really fall into place. I hope, somehow, I can make my home like that because the Temple won't be as accessible. It's a half hour away from where we're thinking of looking rather than just five minutes away. (We'll go to the Mesa Arizona Temple.) Anyway. GOOD idea.

Then I changed, Taylor changed and he came to pick me up. We went shopping because he needed food and we found a good deal on some good hamburger meat ($1.99 a lb pre patty, vs. $2.99 out of patty). So we ended up buying everything. It was fun to figure out what he wanted to do! So we're going to grill hamburgers, chips and watermelon. (YUM!)

Then dinner. Came back to my place and hung out a bit. Watched some SUV, then decided to go back to Taylor's place because he had to move his car anyway. (Riv tows at 11). Taylor got the game Cribbage on his Droid and I've been playing it so got him hooked. His roommate owns the actual game (mine is in Phoenix.) And he did really well. I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed it. I love playing card games.

To sum up- Taylor is the best fiance ever. Arizona is possible. Life is good.

Pray that we get the apartment we've got our eyes on! It's perfect for us, and we both feel good about it. I'm really, really, really hoping.


Also- Just had the best moment. One of Aiesha's friends served his mission in Houston South and knows Mimi's father. So we got to talk for a moment. AWESOME.
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You know what helps me be happy... well, maybe not happy, but satisfied? That the lowest score I think I can expect this semester is a B+, and all my other classes (sans one) I managed an A in. If that B+ stays away (because I rocked my final hopefully- but very little hope actually exists), then I'll have gotten an A or A- in all of my professional courses since I started the program. (okay, so Human Development bit me in the butt because of the papers, and I got sick in the middle of InBio). Anyway... It makes me happy that I can pull those grades.

Also, it makes me happy that I'll graduate before Josh, even if it is by a month and that we'll have at least the same GPA. I love him, and am glad he's getting his education done, but... I've worked harder! His college has been part-time for the most part so he has never had to carry the workload that I have had to. It kinda provides vindication for me. Why? Because Josh has always been smarter then me. The only thing I had was the motivation. It's always a bummer to see motivation lose to genuis. But I feel validated.

So maybe happy isn't the right word at all, we'll go with satisfied. And... yeah, now that I read this I realize that this really shows me in a bad light. x.x Sorry luvs.
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