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Alright. My stress level is about code red. It's as close to 100% as it can be without me crying my eyes out and shaking.

This In-State Tuition Application has really shaken the crap out of me. They're asking for so much intrusive information from my parents (affidavits of insurance, tax returns, notarized signature from BOTH of them, etc) and it scares me so much that we might be denied because of ONE piece of paperwork.

I physically can't even finish my side of the paperwork.

Damn anxiety. I hate this so much!

What I hate even more is that I've got two students with the EXACT same issue. I'm trying to help them cope, but how can I when I can't even get my own panic attacks covered?
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Yes. I am going to make it to the wedding. Yes, I am going to be able to survive said wedding. No, I am not going to go crazy.

Pray for me please- I'm alright when I don't think about things, but I know that putting it off isn't going to help any. Sometimes all I'm doing is controling the anxiety attacks and trying to prevent them but I know that they're really close at hand. People keep telling me to 'just not worry' about it, but I am physically unable to do that. Maybe not physically. Mentally might be a better word for it. What I /can/ do though, which does help, is to plan and try to find a way to make everything work.

*deep breath*

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