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Started off the day with a nice nap. Got conned into being deputy HmL for a bit, we'll see if that sticks.

I DID spend time looking for novels for next year. I'm thinking of plunking down monies for book sets. I need /something/ to teach from!

Brain. Explosion tonight.

Holly with Williams.

*~*~* THEN

Holly with Hazel and Gaius and Surge, WHILE BR TRAINING and then add Caden in at the end.


K'vvan, Sadaiya and Sienna which became Sara, Sadaiya and Sienna after Sadaiya and Sienna moved to another room,


K'vvan, W'rin, Teya, A'lory, + one I can't spell, after K'vvan moved to another room.

(But, I did totally manage to make dinner, but I didn't make enough - 7oz of meat really is a lot!, so didn't eat myself till after.)

x.x Add in all the channel chat, pages, etc.... my moo windows were full tonight.

And now my brain is super tired, but super wired too so sleep is going to be super hard.

Though, do feel vaguely guilty about not folding the laundry instead of doing all that
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I just got told that my opinion matters about as much as shit in the backyard.

Thanks. Just thanks.

I don't think I can go back to Ansible for... a while. Not without wanting to swear every other word. I wasn't mad, upset yes, but not MAD until that idiot said that.

EDIT: Let me clarify. I'm not mad at the Admin in general. I'll probably be back to Ansible in a day or two. Maybe sooner. The only person this ire is directed at is Nick. And that might last for a while longer. Just THINKING his name is making me angry again.
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It's always so weird when I'm the only person on ansible.
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