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Dear Pern World- you are not being my favorite place right now.

Yesterday area staff asked me to reformat my rewritten dragon so it was the same as the rest of them. (What happened to my dragon = my page?) Yes, irritated about it, but it's a little bit of whatever. I get where they are coming from. So, to get around it, I made a new wiki, posted my rewriten inspiration for Saethiath, and then hotlinked it onto their page.


I think we all know which one is prettier.

Then today, the admins send out that anyone who has a particular IP address (which, after checking with Nick, includes me) will no longer be able to apply for a metallic dragon.

Since I can really only connect reliably through my chromebook, that blanket applies to me. Though now I'm curious to log on via my phone and see what my IP address is... Anyway. Not cool PW. Not cool.
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