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I've been fighting discomfort on HT for a while.

But I'm taking a stand. Yesterday Bailey paged me with "N'TAEL WEYRLEADER 2014!" And I started thinking about it. Threw it across a few other people and got a resounding YES from most of them. Only one 'no' for a legit reason, N'tael's really not old enough.

Today Zeyta popped on and I went "Hey, I put N'tael up for WL." To which she replied "HA! I was just paging you to nudge you about that!"

So. I still think F'dan is going to win.

But... I think I have a solid number of people who would vote for me... and it feels right. I'll miss Southern with N'tael like CRAZY but...

Man, think about how much fun N'tael could bring if he became WL?

But I've already decided a few things:
1. F'dan and R'xim'll stay in charge of Whirlwind.
2. Zeyta will take Arroyo... I hope. She hasn't been "active" the last few months. Maybe I could talk to her about it? Get a promise to try her hardest to get/stay active? It's just 3 scenes a month.
3. N'tael'd take lead on one of the other wings, at least till he's a little older. <-- I guess this has to go through staff first, but it makes sense.


I'm excited to throw his name in, WHATEVER HAPPENS.
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