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Yes, I am throwing myself into RP because IRL has become so anxiety ridden that I can fundamentally not handle it any more.

I don't care. It's better to think about my characters then to think about IRL stress.

So, without furher ado

K'vvan- Currently he's in an IC limbo.  Nadeeth is hurt, but it being almost three weeks from in the Injury I'm figuring it's probably time for her to be healed enough to go back on active duty.  Off camera he's shoved Cha'el away while Nadeeth heals.  Also dealing with the fact he owes Teya for catching him when he went over the cliff. *Vig Needed*

Sara- Holding pattern.  Hard to get my dander up about her when Peaston is IRL idled and I'm not interested in doing a lot.  A'lory is also on at super inconvient times so we're just... holding.  I'll figure out something fun for her later.

Terrian- Currently a happy camper.  All healed from the stab wound.  Flirting with Erissa to pass the time while on his shift.

Renalde- The usual.  Being a jerk, bossing people around, etc.  Got my mojo killed a bit between T being in the infirm indefinitely, and the mail that accused him of bullying.  I mean, he is a bully.  But only because he's super OCD and a micromanager.  

Nate- I'm... branching out into my comfort zone.  Finn agreed to play a bully for me that's picking on Nate and it has been REaLLY HARD.  I'm use to being mean to K'vvan, NOT Nate.  My little ray of sunshine is going to have a secret that'll eat him a bit inside.  *Vig needed*

Hazelon-  I don't even know where to //start// with Hazelon.  He's just kinda BURST onto the scene in my head and the plot has moved so fast after going //so// slow.  Raya player and I had to pull the end of the scene because the others weren't done!  So now... twiddle my fingers... try to write a vig to fill in between the end of this and when he's picked up.

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